A, Sayings Sayings of wisdom and proverbs of Imam Ali and their effect on human life

  • Zafar Hussain Zafar Hussain Joyia Research Scholar
Keywords: Hazrat Ali,wisdom,guidelines,justice,human life, social life, economy.



Hazrat Ali stands the most fortunate person who has the privilege of seeking knowledge as revealed by the Holy Prophet. He got this revelation from the Holy Prophet without having any hindrance. Consequently this sprang upon him the innocence and purity in all phases of human life including morality, social life and prayers. God Almighty showered his unlimited treasures of knowledge onto His beloved Prophet who shifted on this to His brother Hazrat Ali in its perfect form. Hazrat Ali not only got this revelation but also displayed its maximum implementation in practical component. Who could dare better display of justice and administration except Hazrat Ali who gets exemplary position in Islamic history. No portion of human life goes unattended in his wisdom and knowledge, from layman to the most honored rulers, every one seeks guidelines from his comprehensive grip on human life. Social life, economy, politics, good governance, rights and duties, all these chapters have been illuminated by his unparalleled wisdom and depth in comprehension of all happenings. Uncountable pearls of wisdom lie in compact form in his Holy book Nahjul Balagha compiled and edited by the most profound scholar Allama Syed Sharif Razi in 400 Hijri. If viewed internally and externally from the recognition of the Islamic life to the transformation of humanity in religion, politics, social activities, provision of justice, His life stands as a role model for the entire humanity.